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ForeverSister :)

Forever Sister yaww :)
between Sakinah , Farah Aida 

  love you so much lha :)) till heaven yeahh ~ together we're in heaven , InsyaAllah

photoshoot for Amazing Senior Year Party 02.11.2011

Amazing Senior Year Party 02.11.2011 by : Farah bt Hasan

ceyh, mcm essay bi la plak..haha..maklum le..dh byk kali wat essay dgn Y.M smpi naek jemu teman nengoknye..haha :) pape un , saye nk share something with you alls .. hope you all enjoy this entry keyy ..

that's all for this entry .. i tak larat la skunk nih .. almaklum le dh nk dekat SPM dh pon .. so,wish me luck yea .. i'll start my SPM on 14 Nov 2011 .. insyaAllah , i want to help myself and my family keyy :)