Histeria ^^

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim (:

Fuhh fuhh *tiup habuk* Lap screen laptop. Blog + screen laptop same je berhabuk. Haha. 

K, that's not our main point. Ehem. Ini nak menceritakan pengalaman semalam. Malam semalam, after tarawih, I have a liqo' with my majmuah at canteen :) Discussing about our iftor with our beloved Mentor, Dr Ahmad Najib bin Abdullah ^^ 

After the liqo' finished, I walked around the corridor of my block with my classmates. Suddenly, I saw a group of peoples in front of my room's row from the bottom of my block. I decided to join that group to know what's going happen. And that's it. One of APIUM's students had suffering hysteria. And I'm trying to ask one of them, who's suffering the hysteria. Fitriyah. Oh my God. That's Fiqah's junior. I'm trying to inform Fiqah immediately. And she looks like no worry. She knew apparently. Because, she's always like this at their old school before.

Suddenly, Fitriyah screaming. I'm getting scared. I quickly entered the Fadhilah's room with Fiqah, Husna, Nisa & Ekyn. And we chating each other about this. And I heard from the people's out there, Ustaz Akhbar is coming. Me and my friends opened the door to see what's going happen. They said, Ustaz Akhbar asked them to bring her to the reading's room. Maybe he's shy. He bring Afifi together to treat her.

Many people saw the incident that night. At the same time, Syakira does suffer this. But, she's only faint-hearted. Before, I heard they recite the Quran at Fiqah's room. 

1.00am. Ustaz Akhbar asked us to bring Syakira to the reading's room too. Then, she has been treated by Ustaz Akhbar. At the same time, she also said about the changes in Nilam Puri. The "spirits" in her body maybe. She said ;

   Wear short-hand shirt.
Not wearing the "tudung" to the toilet.
Making noise during Maghrib.

Sejak dari tu, memang aku insaf la. Sebab benda tu mention nama budak tu kot. Hmm, tapi aku taknak mention kat sini lah. Aib pulak nanti. From now on, I'm trying to make a change. Takde keluar bilik pakai lengan pendek dah. Jerit pun aku tahan je. Risau bila aku yang bising, orang lain yang kena tanggung semua tu. Huh ! 

Just consider this as a reminder from Him ^^ Allah sayangkan hamba-hambaNya. Dia tak akan biarkan kita lalai. Alhamdulillah. Allah lembutkan hati aku :)

Last but no least, lama tak share gambar. Hehe ^^

Wakil majmuah untuk Liga Ramadhan #BolaTampung

Menang pusingan pertama & pusingan kedua :D

But, kalah untuk peringat semi-final & penentuan tempat ketiga & keempat :'( So sad. Tapi okay lah kan dapat no 4 daripada berapa belas kelas entah :) *ayat sedap hati*


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